Daily Gold Silver Update

January 21, 2009 – Johnson Matthey silver bars maintain stable after an even amount of buying and selling overnight which made the supply and demand for silver even for the day. We haven’t seen a decline or an incline in silver prices for the day but we saw gold fall a bit overnight due to economic speculation about the future of investments and of course the strengthening United States Dollar that rallied after our new president Barack Obama entered office yesterday. Right now seems to be a hectic time for investments as it seems that everything is going in the opposite way they’re supposed to go, for example we saw oil fall yesterday and today it increases while stocks continue to fall and the Dollar increases, while gold declines and Johnson Matthey silver bars remain the same. The future of commodities markets is really dependent on the state of the United States economy, as we’ve seen thus far.

Johnson Matthey silver bars have held onto the current silver spot price, which is $11.17, while gold falls $4.90 for the day, down to around $850 per ounce and not showing much movement throughout the day. Investors are really just waiting to see what will happen with president Barack Obama’s stimulus and bail out plans that could either spark the economy or hurt the economy if executed improperly. The state of our future investments lie in the hands of our leaders so it’s very important to track what they’re doing in order to make sound investment decisions. Have a great day and invest well.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer – Certified Gold Exchange

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