Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

April 23, 2009 – Wealth preservation and safe haven demand are the two major contributing factors why so many wise American investors are flocking to bullion products like the Johnson Matthey gold bars and certified investment grade rare coins like the $20 Saint-Gaudens and Morgan silver dollars. United States stocks are currently reversing a rally that they experienced in the past few weeks as the upcoming banking stress tests are increasing speculation that the financial crisis may be getting progressively worse. The uncertainties about the global economy have pushed the value of Johnson Matthey gold bars beyond $900 per ounce today and short-term market projections are expecting further inclines as long as equities continue to fail. In other news, the United States Dollar is also losing value versus its major competitors after the Euro showed some small gains based on better-than-expected economic data.

By around 3:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, the Certified Gold Exchange is reporting an overall higher demand for the profit-taking Johnson Matthey gold bars and the wealth preservative $20 Saint-Gaudens, and this demand is being sparked by the significantly higher spot price of the metal that is currently trading at $906.70 per ounce, up $16 for the trading day while the silver spot price is currently trading at $12.82 per ounce, up $.50 for the trading day. Both of these safe haven metals are currently benefiting from the recently released negative economic data, so it is recommended that we keep a close eye on any further news that may fluctuate pricing.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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