Jim Rogers Like Silver More than Gold

There have been several investors in the current economic climate who have stepped up to the plate and become proponents of gold and silver as the most promising instruments for investors. Certainly, legendary commodities trader Jim Rogers is no stranger when it comes to stepping up to the plate. He initiated the Quantum Fund with George Soros which out-performed the S&P Index by 4,000 percent.

Rogers has been an outspoken opponent of the monetary policy of Ben Bernanke’s administration at the Federal Reserve, which is specifically known for its policy of wanton money printing. While Quantitative Easing may have kept the markets from a catastrophic decline in these past years, it has certainly failed to stimulate a fundamentally sound currency and market. Ben Bernanke himself has called the US recovery “painfully slow,” despite the trillions of dollars his Federal Reserve has injected into various markets and institutions of lending in order to keep nominal prices high.

The problem is all those dollars degrade the markets themselves. This is a severe problem for investors of Jim Rogers’ caliber, who literally have hundreds of millions in the market. This is certainly a contributing factor to Rogers’ decision to sell his New York mansion and move to Singapore, where he is currently based. For many years, Rogers has been advocating gold and silver as the best instruments to protect yourself and prosper during the money printing blitz at the central bank.

While the value of the dollar goes down, the nominal value of gold and silver will continue to rise as a fundamental dynamic of the markets. With each dollar of Quantitative Easing that gets put into the markets, gold and silver are worth more. There are currently trillions of dollars of Easing that have yet to work their way entirely through the market and the Federal Reserve has just announced a new, official third round of Quantitative Easing in the near future.

This is a virtual guarantee that the prices of gold and silver will be going higher in the coming weeks and months as yet more Quantitative Easing is put through the market and a very strong buy signal to all investors, including Rogers who has said he is buying gold.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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