Seek protection in gold and silver investments.

December 14, 2010 – It is wise to heed Paul Farrell’s warning in the MarketWatch article and seek the protection of gold and silver investments, but it also behooves us to consider the broader implications as well. At stake is America’s financial future and the well being of our children and our children’s children.

A phrase we hear far too often lately is “the system is broken,” but in this case nothing could be more precisely true. Bernanke, arguably the worst Fed chairman ever, has accomplished little if anything for the economy while the bailout has assured Wall Street traders that business as usual is OK. “They can take bigger and riskier bets in the future” knowing that we will “bail them out the next time, too, with no consequences when they fail miserably again.”

Although passage of the Dodd-Frank bill banning proprietary trading may look like progress, according to a Bloomberg article by Michael Lewis the truth is that insiders “have no intention of ceasing their prop trading . . . They are merely disguising the activity, by giving it some other name.”

The problem with Wall Street’s infatuation with derivatives is that the instruments contribute absolutely zero to the real economy but instead manufacture wealth out of nothing for the elite few at the expense of ordinary investors. The practice is no more sustainable, and frighteningly similar to, Bernanke’s idea of salvaging the economy by merely printing more money.

America is being steadily driven towards becoming a third world state. Real economic growth in 2011 will not keep pace with the expanding population. And Farrell says this “new era, featuring no growth, deflation and a jobless recovery, will continue for years.”

We need to derail this runaway train, but first protect you and yours with investments in gold and silver.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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