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February 13, 2009 – The increased amount of interested investors looking to invest in gold silver has risen exponentially in the last few years and recent projections are saying that the number will continue to raise as inflation towers and our United States debt reaches record highs. Today we see both prices lose some value as the temporary curtain of confidence has been put over investors and they have begun to sell in order to profit from the recent spike in value. Everyone is pretty much hoping that we see some financial stability in the near future but it may not be possible with so much debt and high inflation. These economic problems are one of the determining factors why so many people are rushing to invest in gold and silver instead of sticking with their traditional stocks that have lost between 30% and 65% in the last eight years.

Today we see the spot price of gold come down to around $939.50 per ounce, this is a loss of $7.70 for the trading day but also an increase of $129.40 in the last thirty trading days while silver falls $.16 to around $13.34 per ounce. One of the most recent projections that I read say that gold could be seeing $1500 per ounce while silver could reach $30 per ounce by the end of the year, and in three years, we could see gold at $4000 per ounce and silver at $110 per ounce. The majority of predictions have been bullish lately, so doesn’t it make sense to invest in gold and silver bullion bars and coins before it’s too late? I wish you the best luck with investing in precious metals.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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