Increasing Gold Coin Value

Increasing Gold Coin Value

You might be wondering about getting into investing since the price of gold is so high. In spite of strong gold prices, many analysts still consider this a good time to buy and own the metal. The key to success is understanding the increasing gold coin value and how it affects your investment strategy.

Over the past five years, the price of gold has risen nearly 175%, setting its all-time high price of over $1,226 per ounce in early December. Bullion and rare coins have both been very popular and offer different investment strategies. After a December sell-off dropped prices to the $1,100 range, economic indicators suggest another rise could occur in 2010, once again increasing gold coin values.

Gold bullion is directly affected by price changes. If the gold spot price goes up, so does the gold coin value of bullion; conversely, lower prices mean lower gold coin values. Rare coins, on the other hand, are affected by changes in gold price, but not nearly as dramatically as bullion. Rare coin values depend more heavily on the appeal of a particular coin, meaning that its condition and its rarity play a critical role in determining its worth.

As a new investor, you can formulate a strategy that has the potential to profit from gold coin value. For short-term investing, you might consider owning bullion, while opting for certified rare coins for long-term holdings. The Certified Gold Exchange is an excellent company to advise and help you formulate a successful investment strategy. With a long, successful history and a spotless record of customer service, the company can be a real asset to you during this time of increasing gold coin value. 

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