How To Buy Gold And Silver

November 24, 2009 – If you have decided to make a gold and/or silver investment, congratulations. You are ready to enter the precious metals market, and this is a market that investors have reaped significant benefits from in previous financial cycles, and in the last few years. If you would like to know how to buy gold and silver, you will be pleased to know that it is relatively simple, as long as you deal with a reputable precious metal exchange. Research any potential precious metals dealer by visiting the Better Business Bureau at

Once you contact a gold broker that you trust, purchase items that fit your specific needs. Ignore what friends or family have been successful with, and focus on your situation. If you plan to hold your gold between 1-14 months, and you are looking purely for profit, gold bullion could be preferable.

If you are considering a longer-term stake in the gold market, and you would like to protect your remaining assets before our recession saps your accounts further, gold bullion is not advisable. Purchase certified gold and silver coins in this scenario, because they could gain significant value along with gold and silver spot prices, and certified coins are private assets.

Take delivery of your gold and/or silver if possible, and rest assured that the industry leaders will provide you with free shipping for your investments. If you are investing within an IRA, buy physical gold for your IRA instead of gold stocks or shares of gold mining companies, because those speculative investments are not as liquid nor as historically profitable for US investors during recessionary times. Contact directly for the best information on the gold and silver markets. 

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