April 15, 2009 – Gold and silver spot prices are jumping up today as equities begin a retreat based on the latest corporate earnings reports showing that the United States recession is creating massive profit contractions. In the past few weeks, investors have seen a flock to stocks that was a direct result of several “positive” remarks by financial leaders, and this week it seems that this flock has been halted as inflation is expected to continue growing amidst this worsening financial crisis. The majority of American consumers are rethinking their investment decisions, and the wise ones are beginning to protect their hard-earned wealth by tracking gold and silver spot prices and entering the market with the correct bars or coins for their portfolio needs. A large amount of support for the metals is coming from concerns that quantitative easing and rising fiscal deficits will cause long-term inflationary pressures, possibly devaluing the United States Dollar and anything tied directly to it.

By around 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, the gold and silver spot prices are increasing just a bit as a result of a boost in safe haven demand, and gold is currently trading at $890.30 per ounce, up one dollar for the trading day while silver is currently trading at $12.70 per ounce, up four cents for the trading day. Short-term market projections are expecting higher spot prices as investors may continue flocking to safe haven assets. Keep a close eye on spot prices along with the important external economic factors that may fluctuate pricing, such as the United States Dollar.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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