Gold and silver prices are popping today in response to the Fed decision last week.

December 5, 2011 – Gold and silver prices are popping today in response to the Fed decision last week. But, in addition to that windfall, there appears to be good things on the horizon for gold and silver. A British company, Nexeon, has developed a “magic silver dust” that may be incorporated into a new generation of battery technology.

The dust is in actuality silver silicon powder and will allow for a substantial evolution in battery technology. This would have far ranging effects in the field of technology, but also in automobiles. The powder works by assisting the movement of lithium in the battery cell, effectively making batteries more powerful and longer-lasting. The battery technology currently in operation is a limit on what we can do with electronics. We can have extraordinarily powerful computers, but we can distribute it if it stays within a power threshold.

Often, in the field of finance and investment, silver is forgotten as an industrial metal. While gold is used in industrial applications to an extent, silver is far and away a more competitive industrial metal, partially because it is more affordable and partially because it is more available throughout the world. Silver also has some properties that make it particularly effective with electricity, as apparent in this new development.

Keep in mind, as you invest in gold and silver, that uses for industrial metals change and evolve over time. You never know when we will find the next technology that will require a much larger percentage of the tonnage of the silver produced on the planet. Of course, this is good for all silver buyers and investors because the price of silver will rise across the board.

Silver is currently down about 2% and about 30.34% below its fifty-two week high. This alone makes for a good buying opportunity for silver. Despite silver’s recent highs in 2011, which were so considerable that the US Mint suspended some of its proof sets, we still have not yet seen the value highs that we experienced in 1980.

With ever-evolving technology that will require industrial metal and a precedent of much higher prices, silver could go very far.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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