April 10, 2009 – Gold and silver investments are seeing mixed fluctuation this week, yet they are not decreasing in popularity as many wise American investors are still turning to both metals as their ultimate safe haven asset from the inflationary storm that may begin in the near future as a result of trillions of dollars injected into this economy since 2007. Most of the financial market attention has been on equities that are currently on a sharp incline based on the latest Government and Federal Reserve comments saying that the United States recession could come to an end by 2010. Investors George Soros and Marc Faber both feel that the recent rally to stocks is overdone and that it will not sustain as a result of massive inflationary pressures that are coming down on our economy. According to, our government has pumped more than $10 trillion in an attempt to avoid a total economic collapse, which may still come unless we do something about it as of now. Fortunately, gold and silver investments have a historical tendency of protecting investors during similar times.

Not much fluctuation has been seen this week with gold and silver investments, and today the gold spot price sits at $877.90 per ounce, down $2.10 for the trading day while the silver spot price sits at $12.34 per ounce, up eight cents for the trading day. Earlier in the year there were some interesting market projections from several financial giants predicting that the metals could outperform most other financial markets throughout 2009. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this before it’s too late.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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