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July 20, 2009 – Gold and silver investment demand is rising today as wise American investors continue flocking to both precious metals as a safe haven from an uncertain economy that lies ahead. Currently, the United States Dollar Index has fallen to a six-week low versus other major currencies based on speculation that economic data is showing instability in the near future. It’s no surprise that as the United States Dollar crumbles; investors are turning to a gold and silver investment, especially since the metals tend to thrive during times of devaluing fiat currencies. Today the gold spot price is fluctuating at around $950.70 per ounce while the silver spot price is fluctuating at around $13.64 per ounce.

In the past few years, wise American investors have been turning to a gold and silver investment as their ultimate store of wealth during a contracting economy, and even though silver has outperformed gold this year, the overall safe haven appeal of gold is shining brighter than any metal. According to several bullish market analysts, gold is currently trading like a currency of choice for many investors because after excessive overprinting and quantitative easing measures, it only makes sense that people would flock to an asset that is known for holding its true value, unlike paper money. These market analysts have forecasted that the metal could climb to $1600 per ounce within the next three years as safe haven demand escalates amongst one of the worst financial crises we have seen since the Great Depression.

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