March 13, 2009 – Wise investors around the country are beginning a gold or silver investment because they are noticing the increasing risk with unstable stock markets and comparing them to the historically preservative attributes of safe haven precious metals. One of the most interesting comparisons comes from a article yesterday that spoke about the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index sliding 17% while gold gained 4.5% for the year. It’s interesting to compare a gold and silver investment versus equities, but it’s also smart to compare the two metals especially since they have both been receiving quite a large amount of interest lately. Historically, the gold to silver ratio has been around 15 to 1 since around 600 BC, yet lately the ratio is more like 70 to 1, which means that silver may be a lot more undervalued than people think. Many look at the cheaper metal as an eye-catching discount that has potential to possibly fix the ratio in the upcoming months and years by increasing value exponentially.

A gold and silver investment wouldn’t be a bad idea nowadays, and today the spot price of gold is currently at $928.30, moving up $1.20 for the day but still moving down $10.80 for the month while silver moves up $.20 to around $13.15 per ounce. It’s important that as investors we have a close eye on all the external economic factors that can fluctuate prices along with the individual market movement that could signal an ideal buying opportunity. Happy investing and don’t forget to diversify well.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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