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June 9, 2009 – Precious metal spot prices are headed right back up today as wise American investors are beginning gold and silver investing yet again in order to protect their hard-earned wealth from long-term inflation and potentially profit if spot prices begins heading towards their all-time record highs. There is currently a lot of speculation with gold and silver investing at the moment, especially since the United States Dollar has been fluctuating heavily in the past few weeks, yet the overall strength of the fiat currency is a lot weaker than we would like to believe. The United States Government and Federal Reserve feel that we are currently going through an “economic recovery,” yet how could this be with unemployment at 9.4% and rising while stocks, bonds and real estate continue heading in the downward direction. Wise American investors are paying very close attention to further actions by the Federal Reserve, especially since they could increase interest rates by the end of the year, thus creating the perfect environment for high-inflation. Fortunately, American investors who were involved with gold and silver investing during the last rising interest rate/high-inflationary cycle of the 1970’s made over 800% profit as precious metals skyrocketed in value.

By around 2:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, safe haven metals are showing small increases for the trading day, and gold is currently sitting at $953.70 per ounce, up three dollars for the day while silver is currently sitting at $15.15 per ounce, up $.26 for the day.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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