April 6, 2009 – Gold and silver historical charts are an ideal way to track precious metal values over certain periods of time, and they are also a useful method of analyzing trends based on certain economic conditions. Today, both metals are decreasing in value as the risk appetite grows in the equity market based on speculation that global economies are recovering due to the latest stimulus and bank bailout packages. What several investors don’t realize is the fact that inflation could grow to such dangerous levels that our Dollar could become devalued in the near future, which in turn would be beneficial for safe haven assets, and similar action has been seen in the gold and silver historical charts of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Hyperinflation is a massive fear to investors who want to preserve their long-term spending power, and fortunately the wise few who invest in precious metals before it’s too late have a chance of protecting their hard-earned wealth while others are floundering with unstable dollar backed assets such as stocks and bonds.

During the midday trading hours, the gold spot price is at $868.70 per ounce, down $25.10 for the trading day while the silver spot price is at $12.09 per ounce, down $.66 for the trading day. Both metals could see some solid rebounds by the end of the week if the recently released negative economic data showing that inflation is growing becomes even more of a problem. Happy investing and don’t forget to track the gold and silver historical charts if you would like to know how the metals performed during similar times.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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