June 19, 2009 – Gold and silver Eagles are both showing minor decreases in value today as the bullion spot price continues heading in the downward direction as a result of rising short-term confidence with the United States Dollar. It appears that many investors are turning to the dollar and mainstream investing markets after the Federal Reserve mentioned that we could be approaching the end of the current recessionary cycle. This type of economic data sounds fine and dandy, yet the reality of the situation is that unemployment is close to 10% nationwide and inflation is growing slowly but surely, even in this deflationary economic environment. The United States Government has printed trillions of dollars in order to prevent a currency collapse and loss of confidence in its investing markets, yet what will happen when long-term inflation comes as a result of all this overprinting? According to several market analysts, these long-term problems could be very dangerous for our economy. Fortunately, gold and silver Eagles have thrived during similar economic environments, so don’t miss the opportunity to enter the market if you feel that now is the time to protect your hard-earned wealth.

By around 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, both gold and silver Eagles are inching downwards to their short-term resistance levels, and currently gold is trading at $931.80 per ounce while silver is trading at $14.17 per ounce. Several market analysts are expecting a rebound by next week, with gold potentially hitting $950 per ounce and silver potentially hitting $15 per ounce yet again.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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