June 24, 2009 – Gold and silver coins are both increasing in value today as safe haven demand has sparked in the United States based on the latest short-term fears with the U.S. Dollar and concerns about the long-term impact of quantitative easing measures and excessive overprinting. Many investors and market analysts are eagerly awaiting news from the Federal Reserve as to what could happen in the near future with the almighty dollar. The World Bank has just recently mentioned that the future of the global economy remains “unusually uncertain,” and that the world economy may contract 2.9% this year. This negative economic data is coming only a month after the Federal Reserve mentioned that the global economic recovery was underway, yet how could a recovery really happen amidst the worst financial crisis that we have seen since the Great Depression? This is precisely why so many investors are flocking to gold and silver coins like the American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs that could increase in value exponentially within the next few years as they have done the past during similar economic times, especially during the late 1970’s when many jumped up more than 850% in just a two-year period.

By around 3:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver coins are making a small rebound while the United States Dollar Index tumbles alongside major stock indexes, and currently gold is trading at $925 per ounce, increasing $2.40 for the day while silver is trading at $13.81 per ounce, increasing $.11 for the day.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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