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July 2, 2009 – Aside from bullion bar investing, gold and silver coin investments have reigned the precious metal market because they are a visually appealing way for investors to own safe haven metals that have a history of protecting investors from vulnerabilities with dollar-backed assets. Prior to the year 2001, stock and real estate markets were floundering as the United States economy reached a peak, thus the popularity of gold and silver coin investments wasn’t as popular because safe haven demand was unnecessary. Slowly but surely, the economy began spiralling down into the deep and dark hole that we are currently in today, and fortunately gold and silver coin investments have protected millions of wise Americans from massive losses that have occurred with stocks, real estate and other dollar-backed assets. Between the years of 2001 and 2008, both precious metals increased in value more than 300% as more and more investors flocked to them as their ultimate store of wealth and hedge from economic danger. If you feel that now is the time to begin a diversification into history’s most preservative precious metals available, feel free to browse this website or contact one of our friendly experts today in order to potentially maximize both profit and wealth preservation potential.

By around 4:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, the majority of gold and silver coin investments are losing value as the United States Dollar is currently strengthening versus other major currencies, thus pushing gold down to $930 per ounce, falling $10.30 for the day, and also pushing silver down to $13.33 per ounce, falling $.37 for the day.

Shannon King

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