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July 1, 2009 – Gold and silver bullion prices are rebounding today, further expanding their quarterly increases as physical buyers from around the globe are turning to both metals as their ultimate hedge from the current vulnerabilities with dollar-backed assets, especially after the latest economic data that shows growing inflation and dangerously high unemployment levels. Within the past two years, the United States Government has overprinted trillions of dollars in order to keep vital companies afloat, pay billions of dollars in toxic debt and sustain confidence in the American stock market. Several market analysts and economists are saying that the long-term effects of these overprinting and quantitative easing measures will result in a period of high inflation, signalling that the United States Dollar could undergo further devaluing down the road. Fortunately, history has proven that gold and silver bullion prices trade inversely to dollar values, which basically means that if the fiat currency continues to face problems in the future, we could see spot prices continuing to increase as a result of higher safe haven demand from investors looking to protect their hard-earned wealth.

By around 3:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver bullion prices are increasing on the New York Mercantile Exchange as safe haven demand in the United States is climbing slowly but surely, and currently gold is trading at $940.10 per ounce while silver is trading at $13.72 per ounce. The latest market projections are forecasting that both metals may continue climbing in the short-term if the United States Dollar continues to face speculation about inflation and further devaluing.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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