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June 11, 2009 – Gold and silver bullion coins have become some of the most popular precious metal diversifications in the past few years, and since 2001, the demand for them has frequently exceeded supply amidst a worsening economy. The United States Dollar and its mainstream investment markets have nearly gone “belly-up” since then as our great nation slowly but surely began feeling the after-effects of more than a decade of relentless lending and excessive overprinting of dollars. Millions of Americans have lost massive chunks of their investment portfolios, thus the wise ones have flocked into gold and silver bullion coins that are being commonly considered some of the best safe haven investments to own at the moment. Despite the recent statements by the United States Government and Federal Reserve, the financial crisis is only showing signs of worsening as inflation and unemployment are both growing at a dangerous rate. If worse comes to worst, our economy could face a hyperinflationary period in the near future, and fortunately both gold and silver bullion coins have thrived during similar times in the past.

By around 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, precious metals are headed upwards as short-term fears are driving many investors away from dollar-backed assets, thus the gold spot price has climbed to $956.50 per ounce while the silver spot price has climbed to $15.39 per ounce. Short-term market projections seem to be in the same area as yesterday, with many bullish market analysts saying that gold could climb to around $1200 per ounce while silver could climb to around $18 per ounce before summer’s end.

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