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June 17, 2009 – Gold and silver bullion bars and coins are increasing in value side-by-side with their respective spot prices today as an official retreat is occurring with the United States Dollar Index, thus safe haven precious metals are consolidating after some moderate losses that have been seen in the past two weeks. According to Finance Ministers from the recent G-8 meeting, the global financial crisis may be coming to an end, and they are currently considering different ways to restore confidence in their economies that has been lost in the last few years. Several market analysts from around the globe are saying that a rally may begin with gold and silver bullion bars and coins because investors could continue diversifying their hard-earned wealth in order to protect themselves from dangerous long-term inflation that has been a growing problem since the beginning of the recent currency overprinting and quantitative easing measures. This being said, don’t be surprised if the spot price of your favorite metal increases significantly within the next few months and years as our economy begins to pay the price of inflation.

By around 4 PM Eastern Standard Time, both gold and silver bullion bars and coins are seeing minor increases in value, yet even minor gains are always better than losses in the investment world, and the current gold spot price sits at $934.50 per ounce, moving up $6.50 for the day while the current silver spot price sits at $14.17 per ounce, moving up $.15 for the day.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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