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June 16, 2009 – Gold and silver bars are a common investment option for precious metal investors who seek short-term profit potential, and today’s lower pricing is creating a bargain hunting opportunity as spot prices continue falling to near one-month lows. Typically, wise investors purchase gold and silver bars as a hedge from losses that may be obtained with dollar-backed assets, yet as the United States Dollar strengthens today, we are seeing lower demand for precious metals in the short-term perspective. What’s odd about today’s market movement is the fact that gold and silver bars are falling side-by-side with global stock indexes, which usually trade inversely to each other. There’s no doubt that the latest market fluctuation is in an unstable state, especially since the dollar of all things is increasing amidst a worsening financial crisis where inflation is growing at a much faster rate than previously expected. It is very important that we keep a close eye on the upcoming economic data that will be released later on in the week, particularly May’s Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index. If these two price indexes show signs of further inflation, we could see a rebound with precious metal spot prices in the short term.

By around 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver bars and coins in the bullion varieties are extending their losses while investment-grade rare coins like the $20 Saint Gaudens and Morgan Silver Dollars are resisting significant losses despite the gold spot price falling to $927.80 per ounce and the silver spot price falling to $14.06 per ounce.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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