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July 10, 2009 – Gold and silver bar investing has been commonly referred to as one of the most effective ways to protect wealth during times of economic instability, and the latest problems with dollar-backed assets have caused masses of wise American investors to flock into this elaborate safe haven market. Just like with many investing markets, gold and silver bar investing is not for everyone, and that’s why it is highly recommended that you analyze your investment goals and needs before beginning a diversification in order to find out whether you could benefit with safe haven assets.

Today’s spot prices are showing very little movement as the week has been quite stale for precious metals and investing markets in general because many investors are eagerly awaiting direction from the unstable United States Dollar Index. The gold spot price is fluctuating around $912.70 per ounce while the silver spot price is fluctuating around $12.62 per ounce. Short-term market forecasts are predicting higher spot prices by next week if the United States Dollar Index continues to face pressure as a result of growing inflationary fears.

In other news, stock indexes and crude oil continue with their downward trends, and it appears that many investors are selling their assets today in order to invest in a less volatile market. Fortunately, gold and silver bar investing has proven its potential during times of dollar volatility, thus we could see higher safe haven demand for both precious metals in the medium-term as dollar-backed assets encounter further problems down the road.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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