As of last weekend, the gold & silver market made the jump experts had predicted.

November 7, 2011 – As of last weekend, the gold & silver market made the jump experts had predicted. Initially the gold market took a drop down, briefly, to a target of $1680 before it jumped back up with a record rebound of $1705 – this left only a positive turn on the market. With all of the bounce backs, experts assume that another action will occur this week, especially since Commercial short positions rose just as significantly last week. The gold market is not the only one that is leaning in a positive direction. It appears that the silver market just might follow suit, however experts are skeptical.

The gold & silver market appears as though it will be setting itself up to challenge its own all-time high yet again these upcoming weeks. The Commercial short and Large Spec have also rose in their positions over the past week. Some experts feel this is only a sign of a short-term reaction, but overall the COT structure proves to remain stable for the gold & silver market.

Not the same can be said for the fiat market. The fiat market is quickly taking a plunge in the marketplace and in comparison of currency cross rates, the British Pound is comparison to the U.S. dollar has been masking the defeat of the fiat market. Those that are in that market, however, are in a state of panic. The declining fiat market means standards of living or even the quality of life for those that base their retirement and welfare around that market are in a possible jeopardy.

In the past 10 years, gold has risen up against the U.S. dollar sevenfold. Since gold’s intrinsic value does not change, and it’s value simply rises or falls in nominal pricing against which ever currency it is being measured against, falling currencies like the fiat are on the road to destruction.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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