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November 17, 2011 – As police evict Occupy Oakland, Occupy Chicago is bulldozed, and the NYPD are staid for the moment by a Manhattan court, curious sympathies are apparent in the raison d’etre of Occupy Wall Street and gold and silver investors. Though Occupy Wall Street purportedly has no demands, manifesto, or leaders, it clearly has an opinion about monetary policy. Given the location they chose for the beginning of the protest, one would rightly assume they disagree with the course of global finance as it pertains to the quality of life experienced by students, the unemployed, and veterans, who are all participants.

A common motto that the group has adopted is “We are the 99%,” referring to the fact that the vast concentration of wealth on the planet is actually held in about 1% of the population. I have read estimates that it’s actually much less than 1%, but the fact remains that the identifiable motto refers to wealth, wealth distribution, and monetary policy.

Regardless of what you think about Occupy Wall Street or where the movement might be going, one finds several similarities in the activities of investors in gold and silver. While with a 25% year to date gain, the price of gold itself has been enough to bring smart and quick investors into the gold market in the past 12-24 months. There is a considerable part of the gold market that specifically chooses investing in precious metals because they are effectively taking control of their own money and taking it out of the reach of bankers who have consistently proven that our once venerated banking institutions are now, possibly, less dignified than the mafia.

While gold has long been the store of wealth in society and the measure of all other wealth, it is heartening to see many people, including many young people, understand silver is an affordable and effective method for beginning their life’s accumulation of wealth.

Are not gold and silver investors accomplishing the idealization of Occupy Wall Street? They are returning to sound money, removing their money from the reach of bankers who would use it to enslave them, and draining the real foundation of a globalized and unbridled banking system that has lost all control over itself. Gold and silver investing is now possibly the best of what Occupy Wall Street stands for.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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