Then why is it any more acceptable for our government to be out campaigning while the economy crumbles?

August 15, 2011 – Imagine being whisked away to the hospital in the grips of a heart attack only to discover when you arrive that the entire staff – down to the chief administrator – had left to tell your family that everything will soon be OK.

Wouldn’t it be better to be greeted by a competent physician in the emergency room who is willing to tell it like it is? “Yes, you are in grave danger, and there are no guarantees. We will do everything in our power but there is no quick fix. And your survival will require you to do your part as well, to make some hard choices and change the way you are living.”

Then why is it any more acceptable for our government to be out campaigning while the economy crumbles? Somehow we have reached a state where hollow rhetoric means more to us than decisive action. Whenever a politician shows up at a rally the people should shout in unison, “Get back to work or find another job!” Instead we blissfully drink in the diatribe, grateful for being given something or someone to rail against, a scapegoat for our misery.

There can be no more cure in that than in returning from the hospital to a plate of donuts, a pack of smokes, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Nothing short of a total change in lifestyle will do. And the first sacrifice we have to make is to abandon fiat money and the bloated institutions they have created – the central banks.

“Why stop spending?” asks Jordi Franch in the Mises Daily. “Why sacrifice immediate pleasures? The new fiat currency, devoid of intrinsic properties, releases governments from their commitment to convertibility, granting unlimited powers to the rulers of this statist system.” Let us revel in “a new era of enjoyment and excitement under the new gospel of spending.” Having broken “the link between production and consumption” we are free to believe “that the ineradicable scarcity of capital has been abolished.”

It was in that state of delusion that we failed to heed the urging of Tim Pawlenty to abolish the Fed so we could get to work on true recovery. When he withdrew from the race we lost that vital voice of reason, dooming ourselves to even greater misery just a short ways down the road.

While there is little hope for the country in the foreseeable future, we don’t have to go down with the ship. We don’t have to wait for Franch’s alternative, “a return to sound money, a restoration of the true currency, spontaneous creation of the social order, and a rejection of the meddling of governments and central banks.”

We can make that choice today with gold and silver investments.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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