Gold and silver coins becoming the only currency accepted in America is not some far-fetched doomsday scenario.

October 19, 2011 – Gold and silver coins becoming the only currency accepted in America is not some far-fetched doomsday scenario. For starters, that’s what the Constitution explicitly calls for. More important, that is what we need to get our financial house back in order.

Ron Paul has made no bones about his distaste for the Fed and fiat money and in his “Plan to Restore America” he pledges a full audit of the central bank. While his goal is to “end the Fed,” he understands that will be problematic, so the plan calls for competing currency legislation to get the ball rolling.

Sadly, I do not believe America is quite ready yet to swallow Dr. Paul’s bitter – but absolutely necessary – pill. Sentiment is building in that direction, however, and people are awakening to the true value of gold and silver.

Signs are popping up at businesses here and there across the land offering greatly reduced prices for payment in pre-1964 coins. And do not underestimate the significance of recent protests.

Peaceful protests can, and often do, turn to riots. Look almost anywhere in the world today for proof. And when protests go viral, revolution cannot be far behind. It doesn’t take armed conflict to bring about great societal change, just a whole lot of people who have had enough of the status quo.

That’s why Occupy Wall Street is so important. Its significance is not in getting across specific grievances but in demonstrating that people are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more. The country is not all that far from seeing a cease fire among its citizens as they join forces against a common enemy – the state.

Ron Paul is sure to face considerable derision for his plan, but the truth in it will win out. He has dared to say what must be said and it is now up to us to see the wisdom in it. The changes Dr. Paul calls for are essential and eventually must take place, either through sensible politics or revolution.

Either way the greenback will fall by the wayside to be replaced by gold and silver coins.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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