Gold and silver coins belong at the top of everyone’s Christmas shopping list.

December 01, 2010 – Gold and silver coins belong at the top of everyone’s Christmas shopping list. Not only are they treasured for their beauty, they offer exceptional investment potential as well.

Silver coins have earned a bad reputation for being subject to bubbles, and that has been true in the past when consumers of limited means have swamped the market with demand. Today’s silver prices, however, are demonstrating very strong but controlled growth, due to big increases in industrial and investment demand. In fact, silver has been outperforming gold throughout this entire year. For consumers on a budget, silver coins at current prices are quite affordable and they promise to produce solid returns for years to come.

There is no denying the timeless beauty of gold coins and they are something that can be treasured for lifetimes. There is also no denying their value as gold has been the singular asset for wealth preservation throughout the ages. Both gold and silver coins make perfect gifts because they can be physically held and secure storage requires no more than a safe deposit box. The holder is free to admire and share their possessions whenever they wish. And the instantly liquidity of gold and silver coins means they can be bought and sold at any time, away from the watchful eye of Uncle Sam.

How many objects can you think of that have exquisite beauty which will last forever as well as value that increases over time rather than diminishing to nothing? What other thing could you give children that will grow in value as they grow, and be more treasured every year?

Without question gold and silver coins are an unparalleled expression of love for this holiday season.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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