The reasons for buying gold and silver coins go well beyond the problems here in America, although that should be reason enough.

April 1, 2011 – The reasons for buying gold and silver coins go well beyond the problems here in America, although that should be reason enough. There is a much bigger problem brewing on the global scene, an unprecedented economic calamity the likes of which have never been seen before.

Throughout history every paper currency has, without exception, become worthless in under 100 years. But in the less interconnected economies of the past, for the most part the effects of monetary collapse were confined to a single state or region. Even today the currencies of minor economies have fallen victim to hyperinflation while sending only minor ripples around the world.

But reckless monetary policy has become a raging wildfire engulfing the entire globe. As more and more governments crank up the printing presses to wriggle out from under oppressive debt loads, the crisis worsens. Faced with the inestimable costs of reconstruction and debt twice its GDP, there is little doubt that Japan will follow suit.

The world’s first and third largest economies, along with many other major economies from every corner of the Earth, will all be throwing mountains of freshly printed paper money on the blaze trying to put it out. There is only one outcome for such insanity.

Here at home an ever growing number of states are taking steps to institute “constitutional tender,” making gold and silver coins legal tender – and in some cases the only legal tender – in their states.

China has recognized the problem as a serious threat to its bid for global economic dominance and is urging its citizens to buy gold to preserve their wealth in the event of global monetary meltdown. And the government itself been purchasing vast amounts of the metal.

The threat of hyperinflation can never be taken lightly. When it strikes every penny of currency tied assets becomes completely worthless, virtually overnight. Hyperinflation on a global scale has no precedent in human history, but it takes little imagination to envision the total devastation it will bring.

The good news is that throughout history the value of gold and silver has endured as currencies failed. The gold and silver coins you buy today could well be the only money you can spend in the not too distant future.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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