Sometimes average Americans balk, complete with humorously grimacing face, at the price of investing in gold and silver.

February 27, 2012 – Sometimes average Americans balk, complete with humorously grimacing face, at the price of investing in gold and silver. Given that the austerity measures recently passed in Greece call for a 20 percent reduction in the minimum wage, we as Americans should perhaps reconsider. That’s right. In a member of the European Union, the minimum wage was just cut by one-fifth. Whatever chance the Greeks had for saving or investing anything is now gone and we should measure our own comfort in light of that fact.

Gold is a great investment. Without question, if you dislike what has been going on in Washington and Wall Street, gold is a sure way to take your hard-earned money out of the reach of bankers and politicians. If you buy gold and own gold, it cannot be debased or used in fractional reserve lending systems that take liberties away through usury.

For those who cannot afford the entrance requirements of gold, silver is a really great alternative. Even on a minimum wage in the United States, you can put away a few dollars a week to purchase silver. Consider the price of silver just two years ago. The spot price was around $18 per ounce, meaning a one ounce silver Eagle or comparable coin would cost about $20 per ounce. Working a typical week, almost anyone could find a way to put aside $20, even if it meant cutting out a thing or two. If you had purchased an ounce a week, possibly without even cutting something out of your budget, you would own approximate 50 ounces valued at $1,000 at the time of purchase.

Those same coins would now be worth $1,850. This means that you have earned, without doing anything, $15 per coin, yielding about 85 percent on your investment. Not bad for a minimum wage worker. If you consider all that silver is still gaining value and that value is a part of what you were paid at the time you were working, you have can add that gain to your wage and now work for much more than minimum wage. So, for every week you work, add $15 per ounce of silver you buy.

That’s a pretty good way to make it through the workweek, especially if you purchase more than one silver coin. Buy three silver coins and you just added a dollar an hour to your wage. Nobody believes they’re getting paid enough, but this is a great way to supplement your income through inexpensive, tangible investment. If you make a little more than minimum wage, consider how much you can make on your investments. The value of gold and silver is not going down anytime soon, according to the forecast of major banks, the inflationary policy of the Federal Reserve, and common sense. If you work and wonder what gold and silver can do for you, consider this easy and inexpensive method of supplementing your income with added value.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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