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Many casual gold coin collectors enjoy browsing a local pawn shop or coin show. While this can be fun, the potential for finding a valuable purchase tends to be low and the potential for disappointment high. For most people, the best gold coin store is a gold or rare coin exchange.

Gold coins can be found in a wide variety of places; shops, shows, eBay and other locations all sell gold coins. While each has potential, they all have pitfalls as well since variety of coins offered and their quality are always a concern. For these reasons, an exchange can provide more than any of the other venues.

Variety is difficult for most people selling gold coins. Even if they are committed to quality, most sellers can’t afford to keep an inventory large enough to allow buyers to have a broad selection. Inventory represents overhead and while a store might have one 1908 American Eagle, it is doubtful that they will have a variety, each with a different grade and price range.

The second issue with a gold coin store is quality. Many small operations and private sellers do not require certified gold coins; this means that the value a coin is bought at may not be its value when it is sold. For extremely rare coins, this kind of disparity can mean the loss of thousands, or even more in anticipated profits. PCGS and NGC certified coins are a necessity at exchanges and they provide an assurance that buyers and sellers demand.

For a variety of reasons, the best gold coin store isn’t found on eBay or around the corner. Gold and rare coin exchanges offer the best selection and most dependable quality to anyone who enjoys buying and selling collector’s coins. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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