Gold And Silver-Backed Retirement Accounts

November 9, 2009 – During the last three years, millions of hard-working Americans have watched their golden years slip through their fingers as our nation’s economic crisis has devastated countless retirement accounts. IRAs, 403Bs, and 401Ks began withering like wallflowers in 2005, and by the end of 2008 almost $3 trillion in retirement account funds were squandered.

Floundering stocks, real estate, and paper assets have sapped a tremendous amount of wealth from investors who hoped to retire one day, and many workers now plan to work an extra 5-15 years to compensate for their lost money. Unfortunately, our nation’s 10% unemployment rate looks to get worse before it gets better, so they may never realize their dream retirement. Other investors have searched for alternative ways to store and grow their wealth, because our traditional markets have continually disappointed us. Some of these investors have turned to gold and silver-backed retirement accounts, because safe-haven assets like precious metals are a wise way to diversify an underperforming retirement account.

Many investors have utilized gold and silver-backed retirement accounts since our recession began, and the trend of storing physical metals into an IRA has caught on with a great many more investors since our government began its stimulus spending. Backing a retirement account with gold and silver is one of the most ideal methods to preserve and grow wealth, and the fact that a precious metal IRA is available in the midst of such financial hardship makes these investments that much more attractive. If your retirement accounts have lost their luster in recent years, contact to see if physical gold and silver could help you reach your investment goals. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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