Waiting for gold and silver prices to get out of the starting blocks can get rather tense.

July 13, 2011 – Waiting for gold and silver prices to get out of the starting blocks can get rather tense. It’s a lot like it would be in an Olympic race if the runners were up but the guy with the starting gun decides to go on break. Everybody knows what is supposed to happen and when it doesn’t their brains hurt.

Maybe there is still much apprehension about precious metals, and with the equities market humming along so nicely why take the risk? Why indeed. Except I ask why take the risk of equities?

It’s time to poke a pin in that balloon. A return of more than 23% on those equities is pretty darned impressive, isn’t it? But hold on, we’re talking dollars here and I don’t care what Forex has to say about them – I think the greenback has tanked. So let’s run the numbers with hard money – gold and silver.

Since Bernanke fired up the presses last August the S & P 500 fell some 2% against gold and the DIA dropped 2.5%. In terms of a sound currency, the Swiss franc, The S& P managed to squeeze out a mere 0.16% while the DIA sank a half point.

What about silver? Over that same period both the S & P and the DIA lagged silver by more than 30%. Seems to me all the equity market hype is just more of the same old government propaganda.

There is just one reason for precious metals to perform that well against the stock market: a broad devaluation of equity. It is well underway now, eroding the wealth of millions of Americans, and it won’t stop until there is no more wealth to consume. The progress so far has been relatively slow, giving individuals ample time to prepare. But once the tipping point is reached, it will be too late.

The choice is simple: risk losing everything without a moment’s notice, or get serious about gold and silver investments today.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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