Gold and silver bullion are riding parallel to the Euro.

November 1, 2011 – Gold and silver bullion are riding parallel to the Euro. The Euro’s change in direction from 132 up to 140 is mirrored by both precious metals. They are both getting steeper due to an absence of perseverance being upheld in Europe. It should be an uncomplicated task to secure the disparity. The difference is one hundred points from $1670 to $1770 and, once sealed, will be the Nightmare before Christmas to those who preached against it and took other fools with them on a downhill ride. They will then grasp that gold and silver are the exclusive sanctuaries within the entire monetary world. They might even be able to return to safety, if they are lucky and act hastily.

On Tuesday, the Europeans delivered the feather on the camel’s back which incited the gold and silver prices to jump $50 and $1.50, respectively. The strife within the European continent is at its worst with no defense in sight. Despite the apparent methodic default by the Greeks, the Germans don’t want any part in it and are struggling to sway the other way en route beside Russia and China with Persian reinforcement.

The West is no longer appealing. Gold and silver bullion will profit dearly from a bulky European bank rescue. How much exactly? About $2 trillion! However much they dislike Geithner’s notion of substantial leverage, they can only accomplish such an endowment with monumental leverage. What is bound to occur is a ripple effect of bank debacles with New York and London experiencing their share.

Benefit: Maybe then governments and politicians alike will once and for all confront their current truths of entire defeat because of the disintegration within the banking structure. Gold and silver will surely be fruitful.

September could be considered a bad dream for those who turned their backs on the true safe havens…but there still might be a chance to wake up from that horrendous nightmare. The dawn of a new era is about to begin…with gold and silver bullion shining bright.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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