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February 2, 2009 – Gold and silver coin investments both lose value today due to a variety of external economic factors that are driving the way for precious metals such as the increasing United States Dollar, decreasing oil prices and speculation that last week’s metal rallies were a bit overdone. The United States Commerce Department reported last Friday that the economy has already fallen to its worst state in over 27 years and this along with the increasing unemployment rate could cause masses of investors to reconsider gold and silver coin investments as the ultimate hedge against inflation and quite possibly one of the only ways to profit during this financial crisis. We’re also seeing a lot of speculation saying that these recent decreases in price are just the result of short-term selling and overall long-term demand is actually increasing, which in turn could cause even more quick spikes in market value during the next several weeks. Investors just aren’t doing as well as they used to with mainstream investment anymore, which is why they are turning to gold and silver coin investments to make the best out of their hard-earned wealth.

Today we’re seeing both precious metals spot prices moving in the downward direction and gold is currently trading at $906.10 per ounce, down $21.06 for the trading day but up $31.20 in the last 30 trading days while silver falls down $.25 to around $12.42 per ounce. 2009 is proving to be powerful for these metals so don’t forget to invest well and have a beautiful trading day.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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