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February 18, 2009 – Gold and silver projections are looking nothing less than impressive as market analysts around the globe believe that the economy will only get worse in the coming months and that precious metals could thrive as a result of the safe haven demand that would spur during this economic upheaval. There has been a lot of talk about last month’s gold and silver projections becoming a reality as both metals approach their record highs and it almost looks like they could be surpassed within the next few weeks. Although there have been a wide variety of predictions that have been made in the last few months, the most interesting ones are the speculative outlooks which said that $1500-$2000 per ounce of gold and $25 per ounce of silver could be seen during 2009.

Anything is possible at the moment and by taking a look at the 2.5 trillion dollars that will be injected into the United States economy within the next few months, it’s clear to see that hyperinflation could result from these actions. It has already been recommended by several financial institutions as well as major banks to hedge our assets with precious metals. Like I always say, it’s best to prepare for the worst, and the latest gold and silver projections show that preparation now could result in decent rewards later on. Today both spot prices are showing increases, with gold moving up to $973.30 per ounce and silver also moving up to $14.27 per ounce. Just two months ago they were sitting at around $780 per ounce and $9 per ounce and by looking at the current prices, we can easily see that wise investors have already diversified as a shelter from the storm to come. I wish you the best luck when investing in precious metals.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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