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February 26, 2009 – Gold and silver Eagles could soon become one of the most popular investments for American investors to own during this economic recession, and it is being signalled by the significantly higher amount of long-term investors looking to both metals as a safe haven investment. Gold has already been referred to as the favorite asset to investors this year while silver still remains a bit speculative but has the potential to make growth unmatched by any other precious metal due to it being undervalued at the moment. Investors are currently opening their eyes to the worsening problems in the global economy such as the unemployment levels that are literally sweeping the nation. For example, unemployment rose to 7.2% this month as a result of 667,000 Americans losing their jobs just last month. Although about 93% of the American workforce still has jobs, many fear for their futures and thus they are purchasing gold and silver Eagles in order to protect themselves from the danger looming around the corner.

Both gold and silver Eagles have lost value today as a result of short-term profit-taking and gold is currently trading in the area of $941.20 per ounce, a decrease of $10.90 for the trading day and an increase of $38.90 in the last 30 trading days while silver falls $.67 to around $13.06 per ounce. The most recent short-term projections for both metals are predicting a 30% increase in value as a result of spiking demand within the next five months. This may be the time to enlarge our precious metal portfolios or begin an investment if you haven’t done so already. I wish you the best of luck when investing.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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