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February 23, 2009 – Investors continue to flock to gold and silver bars as a long-term investment tool and the overall physical possession demand for both metals has outweighed the demand for many other investments at the moment. Some of the latest projections put out by market analysts today are saying that the increasing demand for precious metals as a safe haven is likely to cause them to outperform more mainstream assets such as equities and crude oil. Even though today we are seeing several stocks rebound after last week’s lows, the metals are also rebounding and are running in a race to the top. Who do you think will win? With gold nearly reaching a 17% increase in value for the year and silver nearly reaching a 22% increase in value while many stocks have lost more than 15%, it’s a clear choice when considering which investment could thrive during this economic recession. As governments around the world respond to the financial crisis by injecting tons of money into their economic systems, gold and silver bars could prove to be the investment of a generation and thus surpass the demand of anything else that is tied directly to a fiat currency.

Today investors are seeing gold and silver bars rebounding in value during the midday trading hours, with the gold spot price moving up to around $994.30 per ounce and the silver spot price moving up to around $14.59 per ounce. It’s surprising to see both metals hanging onto their value for so long, but then again many market analysts as well as financial institutions believe that precious metals could be the ideal way to preserve money during times of high inflation. I wish you the best luck when investing.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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