Gold Stolen from Backyard, Claims Oregon Woman

June 20, 2012 – A resident of Ashland, Oregon claims she buried a safe containing $262,000 in gold Krugerrands in her backyard two years ago. When she went to dig up the gold earlier this year, she found the gold to be missing, as she claims.

The police will not release the victim’s name because of the high dollar amount involved in the incident.

The resident reported to the police on March 15 that the safe in which she had buried the coins was missing. Since that time, police have exhausted all leads and the case has gone dormant.

The resident refused to let anyone conduct an extensive search of her property. “She refuses to have her backyard excavated or allow anyone to search with a metal detector,” the police said.

According to the report, the woman began buying gold in 2006. She buried the gold she had been buying in her back yard, some of it contained in a safe, in 2010. When she returned to dig up the safe, she found other containers of money and precious metals that she had buried in her back yard, but she did not find the safe with the Kruggerands in

Receipts for the gold were furnished, proving to the police that the gold was at one time in her possession.

Investigators report there was no evidence of fresh digging on the property. The police postulate that if the safe was indeed stolen, it could have occurred shortly after it was buried in 2010.

Tracking coins is difficult because they are not serialized products and do not require a conventional paper trail.

The Ashland, Oregon resident can prove that she did at one time have possession of the $262,000 of gold Krugerrands but without a more thorough search of her property determinations as to the definitive presence of the coins or any other matter cannot be determined. Additionally, as the coins were buried in 2010, it is difficult to make a determination as to when the materials were removed or how.

As such, the case has gone dormant without producing any viable leads at this time.

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