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April 7, 2009 – Gold and silver investing is becoming popular yet again as the recent rally to stocks has been considered overdone and several market analysts are expecting equities to become devalued in the near future while safe haven precious metals could increase in value. Many new investors are considering gold and silver investing because there are simply tired of experiencing heavy fluctuation with unstable stocks. Even those who never thought they would diversify into precious metals are contacting their nearest exchange for prices and delivery options. It has been predicted that the United States will face much darker days in the near future due to our Government printing more than $10 trillion in the past two years in order to delay the second Great Depression. Masses of American citizens could continue losing chunks of their hard-earned wealth down the road as inflation begins to grow into a self-implosive beast. Fortunately, the wise Americans who partake in gold and silver investing could protect their portfolio and long-term spending power while others flounder to survive.

Precious metal spot prices are increasing for the day, and after their earlier increases they have pretty much stayed flat. During the midday trading hours per gold spot price sits at $882.30 per ounce, jumping up $13.60 for the day while the silver spot price sits at $12.26 per ounce, jumping up $.15 for the day. Heavy upward fluctuation is predicted for the rest of the week, so don’t forget to diversify now before prices spike. Happy investing.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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