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May 15, 2009 – Gold and silver are commonly known as some of the ultimate safe haven assets to own when problems are occurring in an economy, and today this sentiment is clearly being seen as investors are flocking to both metals while mainstream financial markets flounder. Historically, gold and silver trade inversely to the United States Dollar, and this basically means that both metals can be used as anti-inflation tools. Inflation has been a growing fear in the minds of American investors in the past few years, especially after the excessive overprinting of United States Dollars in order to prevent an economic collapse. Today it appears like inflationary pressures are increasing yet again after US core prices rose .3%. This may just be the beginning of a long-term inflationary, possibly similar to what was seen in the late 1970’s when gold in particular increased in value more than 1000%. Many wise investors who track historical spot prices are seizing the opportunity to purchase precious metals now while they are considerably undervalued compared to what they could be if inflation grew to dangerous levels.

By around 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver prices are headed in opposite directions, with gold currently trading at $931.40 per ounce, increasing $5.70 for the trading day while silver is currently trading at $13.95 per ounce, decreasing $.10 for the trading day. Next week is expected to be an interesting period for precious metal spot prices because further economic data will be released, possibly increasing safe haven demand and pushing spot prices higher than forecasted.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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