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Gold Silver – Safe Option 09

Gold coins have remained flat today with the price of gold bullion dropping 7.50 in trading and silver bullion adding 0.09 for the day. Currently the gold spot is 873.90 and silver 10.95 bringing the gold to silver ratio to 79.29. We’re seeing plenty of promises for both mainstream precious metals in 2009 as increased fighting in the Middle East and tensions between India and Pakistan pile. As a result gold & silver, rare coins and bullion could move higher in the first quarter of 2009.

The season wasn’t so jolly for many main street merchants as spending took a step backseat to bill paying. Amazon seems to have weathered the storm with the best year ever possibly added by lousy weather that kept many shoppers off the street.

General Motors got a six billion dollar gift under the tree, compliments of the US taxpayer. When does all this bailout end and can the government really make sure that things only move forward and never retract? It’s a good bet that this will not end in 2009 and bailouts will only increase along with our debt load. President Elect Obama may change the direction of newly printed money but just the same the government will need to print plenty. A trillion more as soon as he takes office and as much as 11 in the first half of the year making for an ideal time to stock up on gold & silver, rare coins and bullion. Happy New Year and may your gold and silver investing bring you fortune and safety in 2009.

Arthur McGuire

Staff  Writter –

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