April 29, 2009 – It’s no surprise that gold and silver projections have been bullish since the beginning of the year, especially since both metals have increased in value more than 300% since 2001, but the latest swine flu outbreak has many investors focusing their attention on the short-term potential of silver in particular. I have read several interesting articles from as well as MarketWatch, and it appears like production for the metal may see a significant halt due to mines in Mexico preparing to close down as the swine flu progresses. Mexico is the second-largest silver producer, which basically means that a halt on their part could mean significantly higher spot prices based on lower supply. This being said, short-term gold and silver projections are directly reflecting investor sentiment about the latest health developments as well as the overall stability of global economies. Investors who feel that spot prices could increase in the near future may benefit their portfolios by diversifying into safe haven metals before it’s too late.

Physical possessions safe haven demand is rising considerably today, and both metals saw some moderate gains during the midday trading hours that are no longer apparent by around 2 PM Eastern standard Time, with the gold spot price currently trading at around $893.90 per ounce, up $.60 for the trading day while the silver spot price is currently trading at around $12.70 per ounce, up $.21 for the trading day. The latest gold and silver projections are saying that May could see some solid rebounds based on investor sentiment that the economic recovery may take longer than expected.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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