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August 13, 2009 – Gold and silver pricing can vary depending on a few important factors, and investors looking to maximize their investment potential in this diverse market should always have a basic understanding of these factors in order to make the best out of their diversification. Below I have briefly explained a few factors that can affect gold and silver pricing on a daily basis:

Spot Prices = The spot prices of gold and silver fluctuate every trading day, and tracking it is important in order to determine the base price that you will pay when purchasing a bar or coin.

Product Type = Different products hold different premiums, thus it’s very important that you understand exactly which products work best for you in order to make the most successful investment. Modern-day bullion bars and coins usually hold premiums between 5% and 8% above their respective spot prices, while on the other hand, certified rare coins usually hold premiums depending on their condition and rarity, plus the dealer commission.

Dealer Commission = Depending on the reputability and integrity of a gold dealer, they may have higher or lower commissions. Price checking is always recommended in order to ensure that you are paying the lowest commission for the highest quality products. Many wise investors who are looking to pay low prices turn to reputable nationwide companies like the Certified Gold Exchange (

If you would like to learn more about gold and silver pricing, feel free to browse the resources available on this website or try visiting other reputable websites like and

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