Gold & Silver Prices Hit 2-Week High on Anniversary of Crash

Both the gold spot price and the silver spot price rose substantially this week and as a result both metals’ prices are now at a 2-week high. Analysts have called the recent rebound in the precious metals’ values a product of new evidence that the Unites States debt and faulty dollar situation could be much worse than previously thought.

The spot price increases, much appreciated by investors who have struggled to hold on to solid gains since gold and silver prices fell more than 15% in 2 trading days between April 11-15, 2013, may provide new technical foundations which investors could parlay into further gains. While a handful of geo-political situations sparked some fear-based buying during the last 365 days, the market has felt very lukewarm overall.

What has not been lukewarm is demand for physical gold and silver. ETFs and other derivatives-based gold and silver markets have suffered tremendous pullbacks recently, yet interest in bullion bars, bullion coins, PCGS coins and name-brand rounds has been strong. Many products even set or almost set new sales volume records in 2013. Some analysts see the diverging paths a sign that gold and silver buyers are less interested in short-term profit than they are getting a bargain on a long-term hedge, or insurance plan, for their paper assets or a possible currency crash.

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