May 18, 2009 – Gold and silver prices are declining for the trading session, and it appears like risk-taking demand is arising as several investors are re-entering the stock market despite the latest negative economic data that shows a potentially dangerous future for any asset that is tied directly to the United States Dollar. Just last week, gold and silver prices saw significant gains as wise investors flocked to safe haven precious metals because of long-term inflationary worries. Unfortunately, these long-term problems still persist, especially since the United States Federal Reserve has pumped over $1 trillion into our economy in order to prevent a catastrophic currency collapse. It seems like governments are only thinking of short-term solutions without thinking about the long-term devastation that could be caused by this quick fix. Several financial institutions and market analysts are recommending that investors keep a close eye on the United States Dollar and stock markets because they may begin heading in a downward spiral soon enough.

By around 3:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver prices are both headed in the downward direction, yet this small contraction may not last long with the current financial crisis getting worse by the day. Currently, the gold spot price is at $921.90 per ounce, down $9.20 for the day while the silver spot price is at $13.83 per ounce, down $.13 for the day. Both precious metals have shown an inverse correlation with the United States Dollar in the past few weeks, so keep a close eye on this factor in order to potentially determine market fluctuation in the short-term.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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