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August 27, 2010 – Google and Yahoo searches for “gold silver” have risen sharply over the past few years, as households struggling to make ends meet look for ways to unload scrap metal, jewelry, and investment-type coins and bars. Many individuals offer quick cash for your gold silver items, but is it really wise to buy or sell through these start-up small businesses?

Savvy investors have been taking advantage of nationwide discount dealers to buy and sell precious metals. While stocks have lagged, bond yields have lowered, and bank accounts offer no more than 3 percent interest for the common household investor, gold silver investments offer the security of holding your wealth privately instead of with a third-party, and the annual return for investment-grade precious metals has wavered between 12-18 percent over the last decade.

While some critics say that commodities like precious metals are due for profit-taking on a large scale, gold and silver are both 31 percent above their spot price values of August 25 of 2009. If our economy were truly getting better, could this be the case? An important fact to keep in mind is that gold silver investments, whether in the form of bars or coins, are not right for everyone.

Your outlook on the future, your current familial and financial situation, and how your portfolio is currently diversified all play a key role in determining how much gold and silver, if any, would be right for you. For a free portfolio evaluation and to learn more about gold silver opportunities available to you now, please call us toll-free or email us below to receive our award-winning investment guides.

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