German Offer Reveals Historic Stance on Gold and Silver Investment

The sovereign debt problems in Europe are historic, but a recent offer by Germany, the creditor nation that has provided multiple bailout packages to Greece, highlights the historic and important status of gold and silver investment in such a drastic situation.

Germany has provided multiple bailouts to Greece in the best attempts to make the Mediterranean country solvent, but even so the best projections by the Greek government place the country at 120 percent of debt to GDP in the year 2020. The biggest manufacturing base and supposedly most sound economy in all of Europe, Germany, has forced Greece to undertake massive austerity measures that have put the lives of most Greeks into dire circumstances.

The bailout programs have become so politically unsavory in Germany that its leaders, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, have risked their political careers in German elections in order to secure more bailout money.

Now, however, we can see a dynamic that highlights the importance of gold and silver investment in extraordinary difficult times. Germany is poised to confiscate 3,233.5 tons of gold from insolvent European Banks. As part and parcel of this, there have been amendments to the Greek constitution that make it legal for Greece’s creditors to confiscate the 111.6 tones of gold held by the sovereign country, as reported by the World Gold Council.

Gold and silver are the best true forms of wealth we have. They are real money in a world of fake money. German leaders and the international power brokers who amended the Greek constitution know that.

As of writing, a literal bloodbath in the European markets and the Euro currency is occurring, which is partially accountable for the modest rise we’ve seen in gold in the past few days. Nobody knows the eventual outcome of the European turmoil, but we’re sure to see more difficulty in the European markets and we’re sure to see a further flight to gold by investors who are seeking to limit their exposure to the European crisis.

We also know that as a part of reconciliation efforts, Germany will be demanding all the sovereign gold holdings of the Mediterranean nation of Greece. Gold and silver investment as real holdings in this time of superficial paper assets are being demanded by the nations crediting European trouble states.

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