May 1, 2009 – There are a wide variety of gold and silver investments available for diversification, and some of them benefit short-term investors while others benefit longer-term investors. Not all gold and silver investments are created equal, and this is because modern-day bullion bars and coins are being commonly used as profit-taking tools while the pre-1933 investment-grade rare coins are being used as preservation taking tools. The most popular bullion coins at the moment are the American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and Chinese Pandas while the most popular investment-grade certified rare coins are the $20 Saint-Gaudens, Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars. This being said, it’s important that investors know exactly what they seek when diversifying into precious metals as well as how long they are expecting to hold onto their investment before selling.

Gold and silver investments are rebounding in value today after seeing some significant losses earlier in the week, and the gold spot price currently sits at $886.30 per ounce, up $.10 for the session while the silver spot price currently sits at $12.49 per ounce, up $.12 for the session. It appears like silver is outperforming gold this year because investment and industrial demand has sustained due to its low cost. The latest projections for both metals are saying that May could be a powerful month for safe haven assets, so keep a close eye on spot prices as well as the strength of the United States dollar that is currently trading inversely to the metals.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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