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May 27, 2009 – Gold and silver investing have been dominating commodity markets because both metals have outperformed the majority of other investment classes throughout 2009. As you may already know, gold and silver investing has progressed from a speculative diversification option into one of the most popular safe haven diversifications available, and it is because historically both metals thrive when both inflation and deflation are apparent in an economy. This year alone gold has increased in value 9.4% while silver has increased in value an impressive 32%, and all this occurred while the United States Dollar and equity markets floundered amidst the worst financial crisis we have seen since the Great Depression. The overall physical possession safe haven demand for the metals has increased exponentially in the last eight years, and market analysts are beginning to say that a strong rally has begun. It’s very important to note that this rally may not end until significant confidence is built within the United States economy.

By around 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver investing is seeing some odd fluctuation that is not commonly witnessed by investors, and it appears like gold is headed in the downward direction, sitting at around $951 per ounce while silver is headed in the upward direction, sitting at around $14.83 per ounce. Typically, both metals move in the same direction, but today there seems to be some short-term profit-taking with the yellow metal while masses of investors are still flocking to the white metal due to its low price that makes it a relatively inexpensive investment for many people.

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