Daily Gold Silver Update

January 6, 2009 – Gold and silver investing has seen a slight decrease in demand today as the medals continue to make small downward fluctuation as a result of a “strengthening United States Dollar.” Many expert investors and market analysts believe that the increase in Dollar value will be temporary and that soon enough people flee away from paper currencies due to the fact that central banks are doing anything they can to try and revive things. They are also saying that it’s only obvious that people will flee to gold and silver soon enough because they will be the only things that could profit during further economic crisis.

Gold and silver investing will also be directly affected by the incoming stimulus plans such as the one that Pres. elect Barack Obama seeks to inject in the near future and the ones that China and Europe are planning to inject as well. These large amounts of money thrown at several floundering businesses could create new jobs and should restore the economy temporarily but in the long run one of these bailout plans to take us about three years to pay back. As our national debt soars into the $10 trillion+ danger zone the future may be grim for many investors, but probably not so dark for those involved in gold and silver investing. All I can really say is keep your eyes on current events and don’t forget to invest while you still can. Have a beautiful day and enjoy your life!

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer – Certified Gold Exchange

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